Longevity Dress


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Cotton All Purpose Dress
Bag available in Accessories
Jacket available in Tops

Image of Icy Momma
Icy Momma
Image of Ciara Dress
Ciara Dress
Image of Sneak A Peek Gown
Sneak A Peek Gown
Image of Amber
Image of WildSide Dress
WildSide Dress
Image of Amiya Diamond Dress
Amiya Diamond Dress
Image of McKenzie Tee/Dress
McKenzie Tee/Dress
Image of Iyonna Blues
Sold out
Iyonna Blues
Image of Out of Office Jacket Dress
Out of Office Jacket Dress
Image of Flannel Top/Dress
Sold out
Flannel Top/Dress
Image of Crystal Clear Gown
Sold out
Crystal Clear Gown
Image of Irene Dress
Sold out
Irene Dress
Image of Selective Satin Dress
Selective Satin Dress
Image of Cover Girl Satin Dress
Sold out
Cover Girl Satin Dress
Image of Jada Bling Dress
Jada Bling Dress
Image of Pink Poison
Pink Poison
Image of Day Lounge Dress
Day Lounge Dress
Image of Penny Cocktail Dress
Penny Cocktail Dress
Image of Unzip Me Dress
Unzip Me Dress
Image of FlipFlop Dress
On sale
FlipFlop Dress
Image of Sunfire cocktail dress
Sunfire cocktail dress
Image of Ari Luxe Sequin Dress
Ari Luxe Sequin Dress
Image of Errand Dress w/Pockets
Errand Dress w/Pockets
Image of Hot Girl
On sale
Hot Girl
Image of Safari Dress
On sale
Safari Dress
Image of Coco  Twist
On sale
Coco Twist
Image of Snobb Denim Dress
Snobb Denim Dress
Image of Sweet Girl
On sale
Sweet Girl
Image of Porsha Satin Dress
Porsha Satin Dress
Image of Surf an Turf
Surf an Turf
Image of Jubilee Dress
Jubilee Dress
Image of DIME Tye Sweater Dress
On sale
DIME Tye Sweater Dress
Image of Dimemond
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