• Image of Dimemond

Custom made
Back is solid silver spandex to provide stretch
Turnover 14 Business Days

Image of Act Up Reflector Romper
Act Up Reflector Romper
Image of Fantasia
Image of Purity Dress
Purity Dress
Image of In Your Dreams
In Your Dreams
Image of Dimemond Dress
Sold out
Dimemond Dress
Image of Birthday Tiaras
Birthday Tiaras
Image of Icy Girl
Icy Girl
Image of Bling Ball
Bling Ball
Image of Bling Facemask
On sale
Bling Facemask
Image of Excuse Me Miss
Sold out
Excuse Me Miss
Image of Pretty Lil Ting
Pretty Lil Ting
Image of Come Here Boy
Come Here Boy
Image of Goldie Locks
Goldie Locks
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